Patent is a registration model obtained for inventions that are innovative and have technical features. The patent registration you will receive is the document that gives you the right to use your invention and makes you a beneficiary. Whether an invention is innovative and suitable for patent registration requires extensive preliminary research. If your invention has patentable features, a registration application must be made and the process must be followed. Grup Ofis Marka Patent carries out a comprehensive research and registration process for your invention. It prepares an activity report about your products planned to be produced, sold and exported with FTO analysis. It makes your registration application and carries out all post-application procedures. All these steps are planned both at home and abroad, and the most comprehensive path is followed for your invention.


  • Patent Innovation Research and Technology Mapping
  • National / International Patent Application, Process Follow-Ups and Consultancy Procedures
  • Competitor Company Application Monitoring
  • FTO Analysis
  • Fast and Timely Notification of Similar Applications Detected by the Monitoring Service
  • Filing of Published Patent Objections
  • Preparation of Technical Opinion for Objections
  • Sectoral Research That Can Help R&D Activities
  • Sectoral Company Analyzes
  • Technical Reports for National / International Legal Disputes and Possible Lawsuits


Utility model is a type of registration that is often confused with a patent. Patent and utility model; protection periods, processing steps, etc. vary in elements. An expert patent attorney should determine which type of protection is more suitable for the invention you want to register. Grup Ofis Trademark Patent conducts the most comprehensive research for the invention for which you want to apply for registration. It carries out all protection processes, both domestic and international, for the registration type determined as a result of the analysis.