Since the beginning of its activities in the fields of intellectual and intellectual property in 1984, Grup Ofis Marka Patent offers the most comprehensive intellectual property protection in the fields of trademark, patent, design and utility model. Group Office carries out intellectual property-related transactions in nearly 200 countries and continues to provide qualified services both domestically and internationally.

Having worked with more than twenty thousand local and foreign stakeholders since the day it was founded, Grup Ofis Marka Patent acts with its innovative staff, dynamic structure and the motivation of “being a pioneer in the sector” and continues to make a difference in its field.


In addition to providing worldwide registration services, the company also produces industry-related content and displays its innovative perspective by publishing the first and only intellectual property magazine of Turkey, GOSSIP Magazine, free of charge.



Founded by Gürşen M. Sevinç in Ankara in 1984, Grup Ofis Marka Patent started to work in the field of trademark and patent registration.


Started its service with its first client Seyran Gıda, Grup Ofis Marka Patent created a trademark and patent-focused database in 1988 to keep the data obtained in the digital environment.

In 1993, Grup Ofis started to represent its clients before foreign patent offices.


1996 In 1996, the company broke new ground in Turkey and established a monitoring service in order to provide a better quality service to its clients by detecting the possibilities of registration and applications that would create unfair competition in matters such as trademarks, patents and designs before and after registration.

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In 1998, the company started to use its own client management program for trademarks, patents and designs to ensure the follow-up of its clients' businesses.


In 1999, the company started representing its clients before the World Intellectual Property Organization.

In 2002, it founded patentofisim.com, Turkey's first trademark, patent and design search site.


In 2003, it started publishing a magazine that feels the pulse of the industry. GOssIP became Turkey's first trademark, patent and design magazine.

Grup Ofis opened its Istanbul Office in 2005.


Following the developing and renewed technology closely, Grup Ofis switched to paperless office practice using electrical document management in 2007.

Taking its knowledge and experience one step further every day, Grup Ofis started providing intellectual property training in 2009.mThe company closely followed the developments and events not only in Turkey but also abroad and held a round table meeting with the International Trademarks Association (INTA).


In 2010, the company published a book called "Unusual Trademarks", which involved trademarks selected from approximately 400,000 trademarks published in the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office bulletins. The company organized the first Counterfeit Products Exhibition to draw public attention to the damage it caused to trademark owners, consumers, our country's economy and image.

Opening its Izmir Office in 2013, Grup Ofis followed the national and international legislation closely and became the first agency to provide training on the innovations brought by the intellectual property law in 2017.


In 2019, Grup Ofis was among Turkey's top 500 service exporters.

In 2020, Grup Ofis was entitled to receive the TSE Service Qualification Certificate.


In 2022, GOssIP Magazine, the first and only publication of the intellectual property sector, reached its 50th issue. Followed with interest by intellectual property experts, trademark owners and universities, GOssIP Magazine has increased its readership considerably over the years.

Today, Group Office continues to serve more than 20 thousand local and foreign clients with its staff familiar with the legislation and its strong technological infrastructure.