Design is the appearance of a product with all its details. Design registration is the registration model obtained for a product/design that complies with this scope and has distinctiveness and innovation features. Design registration application is a type of protection applicable to many elements such as product packaging and patterns. At the same time, you can protect your intellectual productions and products with multiple registration types, thanks to cumulative protection, and register both trademark and design at the same time. With our attorneys who are experts in their fields, we conduct the necessary preliminary research for the designs you want to apply for registration and initiate the registration process. We provide protection both domestically and internationally by carrying out post-registration procedures meticulously.


  • Design registration applications in more than 100 countries
  • Follow-up of design registration stages
  • Design innovation research
  • Identification of similar applications by examining design bulletins
  • Fast and timely notification of similar applications detected by monitoring
  • Competitor company application tracking
  • Taking action against the design and similar designs
  • Post-registration license and transfer transactions, change of address, title and type
  • Design renewals
  • Carrying out embassy approved power of attorney transactions